Unconventional trip 16jun


Unconventional is the word that describes my first contact with Singularity University.  The trip from Lisbon was as conventional as it could be: running to try to reach the airport, many things that I must have forgotten, sleepy as I could be, etc. After 20 hours of trip I really imagined that I had no energy to feel excited about almost anything. However, things started to turn around; suddenly I managed to get excited when I first met the SU people that were waiting for us at the airport. The first most interesting life stories started flowing and it took me a while to believe I was part of them.

Until the last singularitarian arrived, we went directly to the bus, which reminded us that for the next 10 weeks we all would be real VIP’s, what a great bus! So far so good, 30 minute in the road and the sign of NASA Ames research center appeared and that was when I understood finally that the trip was unconventional from the beginning: I was not travelling to reach a touristic destination or visit my beautiful country once more, instead I was going to meet some of the most interesting and most accomplished people that exist on the earth’s surface and I was going to be in the place where technological innovation has pushed humanity beyond its natural boundaries.  I was crazy excited at that point, a state of mind that is not likely that I wouldn’t be able to avoid in the following weeks.


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